Friday, December 30, 2005

jonathan adler needlepoint pillow

jonathan adler, the mastermind of clean & classy meets kitsch, could not have gotten away with designing a whole line of needlepoint pillows without doing a woodgrain one, na uh-- check out and for more of his amazingly fun and frivolous work.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

wallet by plastica

plastica also on Beverly Blvd. in los angeles truly one of a kind. carla denker the owner is committed to plastic. these are her plastica brand vinyl wallets. more styles available. -em

LA Eyeworks

the front window at LA Eyeworks (the new store on beverly blvd. in los angeles) this past fall.
the type on the window is woodgrain and so are the collared shirts hanging. don't know what it has to do with eyewear, but their window displays always make you look twice. -em

mens belt

mens belt by wearmart. one side is woodgrain the other side red fabric peeping through the edges. -em

wrap it up!

pretty wrapping paper from shinoda(sp?jon...). i would've shown it wrapped around a box and topped off with a light blue bow, but sad to say... i still have to finish my holiday shopping :( -em

Monday, December 19, 2005

rice cooker

just in case you happen to need to make 44 cups of rice, or own a restaurant, here is a fantastic woodgrain covered rice cooker- if only they made smaller versions! -jon

Sunday, December 18, 2005

todd oldham

todd oldham... the cover of his "handmade modern" book is pretty brilliant with the hand drawn/cut woodgrain going on- and he uses a lot of it as backgrounds and such throughout the book.-jon

Friday, December 16, 2005

thomas paul

ok, its already a given that i (jon) have a pillow fetish and can't get enough of them- but can you blame me when you see such lush-ness?! these new "barnwood" print pillows are made of heavy weitght woven silk and are part of Thomas Paul's new Couture line. -jon


Wood cds from the website... -em

Thursday, December 15, 2005


our friend Garrison gave us these great vinyl 3 ring binders- thanks gar! -jon

magazine file

found this one on ebay, which is lovely because it doesn't have any writing on it- its corrugated- i don't know if they still make these anymore- but i found this one other one from Fellowes, but it has that annoyoing white bar across it. but i would love to see a whole shelf with them! -jon

Monday, December 12, 2005

hunter gatherer

Hunter Gatherer has done some amazing pieces with the woodgrain print, here are a few- a skateboard deck, a wallet, a block notepad, and two pillows. genius. -jon

track jacket by Upper playground

super dope women's track jacket by Upper Playground, available at
has woodgrain collar and detail print. -jon

Martha's "Faux Bois" plates

so CSA had melamine, but Martha had "faux bois"- which means fake wood in french- (i think) this fine china dinnerware set has an elegantly refined woodgrain pattern- so fancy...
so martha.. i don't know if they sell these anymore, as her catalog is no longer. -jon

Sunday, December 11, 2005

old skool Atari

don't you just love how old skool Atari, so hi-tech at the time, had woodgrain on the console- someone needs to do that to the xbox360. -jon

plastic plates

CSA images line of products, Popink, has made melamine plates with different woodgrain patterns- those clever geniuses.. and they're only $40! as seen via designsponge. -jon

woodgrain pillows

unclear photo, but trust me the pillows on the bottom shelf are great - printed woodgrain fabrice made into pillows, placemats and small fabric coasters. it has the effect of a subtle texture and in looking closer you discover that it is woodgrain. perfect for those who want to be hip but understated. there are 3 grains. you can find them at tortoise ( in venice beach, california on the popular street abbot kinney. -em

woodgrain sheets and comforter

Urban Outfitters was selling these great woodgrain comforters and sheet sets
although i guess the comforters are almost all sold out and on clearance...
oh well- at least we have the pics. -jon

Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas

coolness cover artwork by electronic artists Lindstrom & Prins Thomas-
don't know much about them, but you can purchase their album on itunes-
LOVE the owl on their 12" single. -jon

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