Tuesday, January 31, 2006

ted Meuhling

while at the NY gift fair, I stopped by design mecca Moss, and spotted these amazing ceramic candlesticks by designer Ted Muehling. Now being that they were at Moss, i will not even bother mentioning the price. but if you simply MUST have it (and your secret is safe with us) you can get them here- otherwise, lets all stand in awe of the beauty.... (oooooh... ahh.....)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Woodbear 2

Looks like Woodbear's brother. Actually, it's not officially a woodbear, but close enough for me! Part of a set also from kidrobot.com.


Woodbear was first introduced to me from the guys at designobject.com. Only a woodgrain bear could pull off being cute, evil and cool all at the same time. Look at those fists and piercing eyes. I got mine about 4 years ago and it seems they are still available from kidrobot.com.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

J.milo "knotty" rugs

Fellow woodnut Enrique tipped us on these great rugs from J.Milo
they call them "knotty" rugs- we love that name. (k)not that we're biased or anything.
they are hand knotted 100% New Zealand wood-
designed by Jessica Miller. more info here

concrete planters

these planters are made of concrete and are very Anthropologie-esque to me- but i see them more as sculpture, and think they look amazing without anything in them.. (i seem to say that with all the faux bois planters...) i could see it really looking great on top of someone's large outdoor table... or by a nice fireplace... found them here..

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


i guess for those moments you need a little "hit".... this metal woodgrain flask will serve nicely... it actually would look great in some bachelor bar set up... do i need one? available here

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

ella doran

Em got me these coasters a few years ago- and i love them to death- they are by designer ella doran, and produced by Jason products- they don't seem to be on the Jason website, but if you go to ella's personal website- they are there and there also is matching placemats and tray!

bark buttons

i saw on Poppytalk, a link to these button badges by designer swissmiss, available here- she has a bunch, but obviously my favs are one called "wood" and another called "bark"- i don't know if i'd actually wear them, but they sure are purrrty...

Sunday, January 22, 2006


went to the CA gift show today and spotted these fun Yoga mats, from a company called PLANK- they feature a photoreal print screened on the this foam/rubber type material-
i love the little detail of the crumpled muffin/cupcake wrapper on the bottom corner- you can buy it here

Friday, January 20, 2006

egg press greeting cards

egg press cards are always the right combo of simple, smart, timeless and fun. i want to know who thought of adding just the right touch of woodgrain on fruit, plus (and this is my only time ever seeing this) grain on the entire envelope. bravo. to top it off, it's even more beautiful because it is letterpressed. they say: "friend of mine", "you're a peach", and "delicious". apparently still available in select shops. hurry! their website is www.eggpress.com

Thursday, January 19, 2006

xbox360 faceplate

of course we knew this would happen- as we mentioned in a previous post, we knew it was only a matter of time before someone wised up and created one- and delighted we are!- although i do not personally own an xbox360, if i did, i would for sure get one of these woodgrain faceplates- available here-

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


so more wood foam news! although not nearly as cool as the ones Em has that i found in japan,
these are available widely at craftstores (i found them at my local Michaels craft store- didn't see them online though...)- they're called Foamies- i guess they come in two sizes- 9x12 and a bigger one (not sure the acutal size) and they are by a company called Darice- and they're only 79¢ each! the woodgrain pattern (they call it "wood look" ) is a bit more obvious and contrasty, but they're super easy to cut out with, since they're really thin, and i'm not sure what i'm going to do with them yet.. but the possibilites are endless... stay tuned....
you can purchase the Foamie Sheet(ON SALE) at Amazon!

Hannspree wood tv

Hannspree has a "wood" tv that cracks me up- the shape is a little more "jetsons" or actually maybe kinda more Flintstones?.. but i like the two tone action- could see this looking really great in a kids room... also like the fact that they designed the back with a floral motif.. the back of electronics are usually so under appreciated...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

to die for treestump

ok, i'm alive, but i died a little from cuteness overload- just saw these incredibly adorable tree stumps that Heidi Kenney made over at MyPaperCrane.com- read more here-

roos vase- marre moerel

fellow woodnut, Enrique, tipped us off on these modern white branch/tree vases by Marre Moerel, that he saw in Dwell magazine- these are from her "roos" collection and are earthenware ceramic- She doesn't have a distributor in the US yet, but you can order them directly from her website. i love the embossed floral pattern detail in the limited edition one-

Monday, January 16, 2006


Leave it to Japan to make woodgrain tape and foam. Jon actually got these for me eons ago when he visited Japan. It's from the craft section of the must visit when in Japan - Tokyu Hands. I have not used the tape - nothing quite worthy of that honor yet or may even ever... and the foam, well I use the small square one as a coaster on my desk :)Little did you know, Jon that we would still be loco about it.

Mini Vinyl Binder

Don't you just love it when you find stuff in your parent's house that you actually like, they want to throw out and you get for free! Since my in-laws don't really want "things" for Christmas anymore, we offered to help them clean. After two weekends, 30 years of dust, and four trips to Goodwill, our mission is accomplished. In the process we found lost wedding pictures and a few woodgrain treasures. I owe one more photos of the metal woodgrain shelf, but here is the cutest mini wood paneled vinyl (love that!) binder with mini paper and everything!

Eames Paper Promotional

This little promotional is classic Eames. They too were all about woodgrain. Mostly the real thing though. The Eames Office along with Neenah Paper put out this dvd and paper sampler to promote the new line of "Eames Papers." The dvd was pretty cool and contains the short film Ray and Charles Eames did in 1972 called Design Q&A, Symmetry, and The Solar Do-Nothing Machine. The papers, which are mostly slightly muted primary colors with wonderful textures, are so adult kid - again totally in Eames form.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

console table

Crate and Barrel have this organic console table that looks like wood, but is actually concrete and metal- normally,I'd overlook this sort of thing as more country home-y, but juxtaposed in a totally modern setting, as shown by Crate and Barrel, it adds unexpected warmth, quirkiness, and personality-

Saturday, January 14, 2006

hot/cold paper cups

Leave it to our favorite Target to have these great hot/cold paper cups- they aren't available online, but you can find them at any Target store and they will be in the party decor section. They had a co-ordinating paper plate, but it had some unnecessary ugly designs on the inside, that kinda killed it- so i'm going to just stick with the cups. pack of 10 for only $1.99!s

Thursday, January 12, 2006

more wood shirts

the button down shirt is an It's(k)notWood archive piece, from several years ago. It was made by Freshjive, part of their Optical Signature Series of prints. (sorry, i didn't iron it before i shot it) Recently, our fellow woodnut Enrique (thanks Enrique!) shared with us this link to a new series of t-shirts from Stussy, one of which shares a similar colorstory.
i love the light wood and pop yellow combination/juxtaposition. more info on the Stussy tees here-

woodbunny tee

i got this t-shirt a couple months ago from DigitalGravel.com- its by a company called Good, they have a little dinosaur as their logo on the inner label- i can't find much info about them though (if anyone knows if they have a website- please share!) and apparently Digital Gravel doesn't have much product from them at this time, except some women's stuff... but anyways, i love this shirt.