Thursday, February 09, 2006

when a good idea goes bad.

normally we like to post about "good wood", but i just had to post my dissapointment on this piece of faux bois- i recently read a press release about a new phone put out by boost mobile, that was called the "woody"- aimed at "trendsetters" and is limited edition... I've been desperately seeking SOMEONE- ANYONE to come out with a cool "wood" cel phone- and thought maybe this could have potential... but i was so wrong. now, believe me, being in the real "OC"- i get the whole retro surf thing- and i suppose there is a little eeensy- bit of kitsch/cool factor...but this execution could have gone soooo many other ways, and in the end, we get this really... ummm... how do we say this nicely... unexciting "design"... one would think with all the technology out there, someone could come up with something better-... am i wrong on this? has anyone seen a decent woodgrain cel phone?