Thursday, April 27, 2006

contact paper

Blog friend and fellow wood-nut Jan at Poppytalk posted a super cute project for your bland notebooks today! Woodgrain contact paper is probably the easiest way to infuse the beauty of faux bois into your life and surroundings. It actually was one of the original things that started our obsession with fake wood and woodgrain-ed things in the first place. We've been using woodgrain contact paper on random things for awhile, but it wasn't until we had to do an editorial DIY story for the preview issue of Poplife magazine, that we really sat down and started documenting all the other things that can be done with the magical self-adhesive wonder- It's now slowly been building into an amassed collection. But for now, Jan's project fits quite nicely into what we're going to call ... 101 Fun things to do with Woodgrain contact paper! ok, don't worry, we won't actually show you 101 things..(although there probably is even more things you could do...) so we're editing it down to 10. Stay tuned in May for this series to begin... in the meantime, if you've done something fun with woodgrain contact paper- drop us an e-mail and share your fun!!