Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Milestones and Makeovers

We can't believe that we've been doing this blog for only 4 months and have already posted over 150 faux bois items! Who knew we'd make it past 10 posts let alone 100! We'd like to thank all the great blogs for linking to us (see our sidebar and go vist them!) and everyone's kind comments and support. In celebration, we've also given ourselves a little visual blog makeover. We're still working out a few little bugs, but we'd love to hear your comments! There's so much great faux bois and woodgrain out there, so please continue to send us your sightings, tips, and finds! Also, if you're new to the site- we welcome you to peruse the archives on the right- Lotsa faux wood madness- Wood is Good!! ~ jon and em