Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Art in LA: El Bosque

What would our world be without trees?? This issue of deforestation is the message of El Bosque, The Forest, a temporary public art installation at the Ernst and Young Plaza in downtown Los Angeles. All fifteen tree themes sculptures are made of anything but wood. "If the forests are disappearing, there will be no wood and this is may be our future forest," says the artist and curator Naomi Siegman who was quoted in Friday's Los Angeles Times.

The bronze cast sculpture above is "Roots" by one of the fifteen artists Steve Tobin, who also cast "Trinity Root, " an eighteen foot tall bronze sculpture of a sycamore tree's roots which saved St. Paul's Church in New York City from total destruction on 9/11. Each artist is from the US or Mexico and have involvled themselves with ecological issues. Up till May 30th.