Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Snowflake Cards*

Woodgrain snowflakes!? ahhh, if only... so for now, we bring ourselves back to craft class when we learned to make paper snowflakes!
These are the things that I used: woodgrain contact paper cut into small 3-4” squares, paper to use as the card, sissors, embelishments – rubber stamps, metallic pens, etc.

This is how I did it: (1) Fold contact paper in half, in half again and then in to a triangular shape the center. (2) Cut the different shapes into the folds, (you can unfold the snowflake often to see where you need more cutting)
(3) Open up and admire the brilliance of symmetry. (4) Adhere to card healing any cuts and dents you may have made in the process, and Embellish!