Saturday, February 11, 2006

Nixon wood collection

now, i know many of you have seen Nixon's wood Rotolog watch, which is fabulous and genious- and we would've posted about it, but Em and I had made a commitment when starting this blog to only post about "fake" wood- and since the Nixon watch is inlayed with REAL wood, we felt it didn't match the criteria for this particular blog. well looks like Nixon has expanded its selection and released more pieces for a new"wood collection". I read on Coolhunting, that this collection includes leather wallets that are laser etched with the woodgrain pattern, and also includes hats, (in addition to the pieces that are inlaid with the real wood.) those wallets look incredible, and are supposedly out for valentines, yet i can't find them on their website (arghhh...) if anyone knows where to get them- let us know!!