Friday, May 12, 2006

Fun Thing #1: Sticker Art

So starting this blog was the perfect way to showcase our love for the gazillion things faux bois. But truth be told, this love really began with itsy weekend projects using ... (drum roll, please) woodgrain contact paper!! We truly love this stuff and for fun, wanted to share the depth of our obsession through this cleverly named series: 101 Fun Things to Do with Woodgrain Contact Paper!

My first little project, making stickers. I love stickers. That was my childhood indulgence along with Sanrio(Hello Kitty). The fact that contact paper is adhesive, I suppose makes it the adult version of this indulgence.

These were my supplies: woodgrain contact paper, an xacto knife + cutting surface, a canvas board or just cardboard, selection of interesting magazine cut outs, pencil, and some tape.

This is how I did it: (1.) I laid my contact paper backside up and taped down my cutouts. (2.) Using my x-acto knife, I cut out my shapes and taddah.. stickers! (3.)To make the collage portion, I added a horizon line using my lightest and darkest contact paper and then laid down the rest. After a few layouts, I found this one and commited by stickin' it down. There are so many variations to supplies and trouble shooting so please feel free to contact us with any questions.

I might need to meditate a little bit more on buddah in the summer scene, maybe a few more falling philodendron, but there you have it - sticker art! Click here for a few more samples.