Friday, May 19, 2006

Fun Thing #2: Leaf and Branch Necklace

So, I’ve purchased necklaces and earings made of real wood. I've even carved my own pendant in a carving class... but I thought, with the contact paper, there must be another way. Well ladies and gents, I think I’ve found it! Check it out…
These are the things I used: contact paper, the back of my drawing pad for cardboard, a black marker, a nail, a hammer, an x-acto knife, a steel ruler, a pencil, and strong string for the necklace part.
This is how I did it: (1.) Using my x-acto knife, I first cut my shapes out of the cardboard. I used the steel ruler for straight edges. (2.) I covered top and bottom surfaces of my cut out pieces with contact paper, (3.) and then markered in the sides with black to give it a finished look. (4.) I then used a hammer and nail to bust a hole through for the string.

(5.) Last, I strung up the necklace by securing the cut outs in the exact middle of the string and then made the necklace adjustable with each string end tied to the opposite string end (hopefully, it will help to see the picture.)

Took some time to figure out, but after doing it again, it was like a 30 minute meal with Rachel Ray! I think I'm going to try earings next time....