Monday, July 03, 2006

Target: Independent Studies

I recently posted about the new Fall 06 Back to School (scary) things that are already creeping into stores right now, specifically at Walmart, over at HappyMundane. Now I bring to you the latest news at our beloved, Target. Looks like Target will be having an"independent studies" theme. What's so great about this collection is the packaging- which is why I'm posting about it here: it's all dark woodgrain based! Everything has a dark woodgrain pattern, with white type graphics, and a subtle, but totally cool heavy gloss varnish of doodle-y icons. The boxes all have this big field of dark woodgrain, and from afar, look almost like wood planks!- But as you get closer, the varnished doodle graphics shine in the light, and you see this neat pattern. I also love that the contrast color, on the back of hangtags and packaging, is this pretty seafoam green color. Check back over at Happy Mundane tomorrow for a preview of some of the actual items Target is bringing in for fall.