Wednesday, December 13, 2006

1 year: part two

Thanks to all who have entered our 1 Year Blogiversary Gift Giveaway so far! You all have come up with some groovy ideas for woodgrain!

For everyone else, you still have until Friday at 11:00pm PST. Just send us an email to oneyear(at)itsknotwood(dot)com with happy one year in the subject header. Give us your name, city, state and country, plus the answer to "What would you love to see in woodgrain?" and you'll be entered.

We listed our first three gifts this past Monday, so as promised, here are the last two ...

notepad holder from the Plastica with a brown ink pen from Signo, my favorite brand of colored pens!

and finally, "Red Sun", a hand screen printed limited edition wall hanging by Super Cozy. Thank you again and *lots of luck* everyone!!