Thursday, March 16, 2006

chi-town3: michael aram

While in chicago, also stopped at the Marshall Fields store. Being from So-Cali, we don't have any Marshall Fields, so it's always nice to peruse if we see one. Plus i like the old-school 50's scripty logo they have- anyways- ventured through the Houswares department, and we saw these beautiful twig flatware and branch candleholders by Michael Aram. We also saw a great cheese tray too (as seen above) Now, i know Michael Aram's work has been around for awhile, but i didn't realize the scope of it- After coming back, we checked out his website and found he is a big faux bois lover- he has several fetching pieces- including the branch vases we blogged about awhile back from Gumps(didn't know he did them!) we saw those at Marshall Fields, and they are much larger in person and that made me want them even more!!- and this "enchanted forest table"- that comes in oxidized copper (oooh....pretty...) and polished aluminum. there so many more that we don't have room to show- so just go check them out for yourself at his online shop-