Friday, March 17, 2006

SBIG: Super Home Mart

After much anticipation, this new shop called Super Home Mart in LA's Chinatown has opened! Oh my, it is literally filled with all things Made in China!! Everything you can imagine from toothpicks, sponge holders, melamine plates, to fountains and Starck-ish chairs can be found there. It's gianormous. I had no doubts they had faux woodgrain which we found in the home furninshings section and which all happen to be made of ceramic. The wood stumps adorned with animals are just SBIG. The beautiful bottom vases are ceramic painted to look like wood and are mostly priced under 10 dollars! This will be the secret source for many party planners for sure. No website, but Super Home Mart is very near the Acuna-Hansen Gallery and the other Chinatown galleries right below the Empress Pavilion at the Bamboo Plaza. Here's the address:

Super Home Mart
988 N. Hill Street #101 Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tel: 213-628-8898
Fax: 213-628-8828
HoursOpen Daily 10am - 8pm