Tuesday, July 11, 2006


visiting friends and family in boston this week and had some sweet IKW sitings!

this is the bar menu from birch bar in the lobby bar at the Westin Hotel next to the Convention Center. in addition to the cute graphic, i like the "bark effect" with the black laquered ridged cover. very contemporary.

i can't believe i had a target woodgrain skirt siting! i hope this girl doesn't kill me, but i had to take the shot! her whole outfit looked awesome! it was taken at a little cheese shop in the south end called formaggio. try the Brebis d'Ossau Vieille Agour cheese. it's from france and made of sheeps milk. such a full flavor.

also spotted this amazing chocolate wood bark at formaggio! the photo was taken through the drool and glass.

and finally this photo i took of tree bark at the Boston Common. (sorry, i couldn't help myself i know it's real:) what an amazing park. it's called the common because it was orginally the communal area for cows to graze. the park was also designed by the same desinger who did central park in nyc so if you're from there you feel right at home!

boston is a great town packed with insane victorian and brick homes and a restaurant list to keep you eating for days. it's been hot and humid in the day, but sitting out on the deck in the evenings is priceless.