Saturday, March 18, 2006

chi-town 4: Santino!

In a mad rush to catch up with work last week, we forgot to post our Chicago celebrity siting of no other than Santino Rice from this past season's Project Runway!! We spotted him at Filter, a cafe in the Wicker Park area, after our visit to Sprout Home. He passed our table on his way to the bathroom and came towards me first. He is TALL and tried so hard to stay undetected by lowering his head, but his hat, beard and just over all tall guy vibe just gave it away. "OMG," I said to Jon, "I think Santino just passed us (!)" For the next eight minutes we waited. Jon wasn't convinced because he only saw his back side. And when he came out, it was him. We decided not to bother him and just take a few stealth shots. We confirmed his visit to Chicago via his personal website. Love me a good celeb siting!