Monday, March 27, 2006

Lou Wine Bar

Last Friday night was spent having yummy after dinner drinks at Lou, a super cozy wine bar newly opened on Vine and Melrose. That's our dear friend David on the right. For all you pattern lovers, this is the place for us! Designed by a member of the famed kitchy design group Memphis (anti-establishment style of the 80's), we get a plethora of patterns on every surface - loving the curtains which happen to also create a pink and black wall of flowers from the outside. It is IKW noteworthy because of the their use of the ever so beautiful Cole and Sons 'The Woods' white and silver metallic wallpaper; AND this may be stretching it, but it is also noteworthy for the woodsy/ smokey flavor of the third of the white wine sampler I had....

Lou is located in Hollywood:724 N Vine St.Los Angeles CA 90038

PS. For dinner nearby, I would highly recommend Mario's Peruvian food (Japanese run) across the street on the other side of melrose. The shrimp fried rice and seafood are AMAZING.

Correction 4-12-06
The interior for Lou was not designed by a member of Memphis, but by Barbara Bestor the LA architect who used it for the inspiration. Fabulous!