Friday, March 24, 2006

SBIG: "woody" cars

When i first saw the Chrystler PT Cruiser, i thought it was a fun design, with hommage to old school surfer wagons, and i even loved the "woody" kit that they offered- i always enjoy when something modern has a classic "edge" to it- well, i guess now even if you don't have a PT, you can get yourself some "wood" for your car- behold the glorious website, they are amazing. they have wood kits for so many different makes of car- Got a new beetle? no prob- they got a wood kit for you- Scion? - there you go...- mini cooper? they got ya covered. Hummer? oh yes- even a hummer can have nice faux wood panelling!and theres tons more!!! i admit, i kind of feel there's something sorta... wrong about a beetle with woodgrain siding... but at the same time... i can't help but feel its kinda of... completely fantastic? too bad they can't cover the whole car. now that would be the shizzle fo' sho. but i guess nothing beats the classic.....(le sigh....)