Monday, March 27, 2006

Piacenza and Robex

Piacenza is an italian company that makes these trés chic plastic bowls- we saw their yummy collection at the Chicago Home show. At first glance, the outside really looks like wood veneer, but its actually just the technique they incorporate into the texture of the plastic- the actual process they make the bowls is pretty hi-tech (involving fusing of several layers of synthetic films)- but i won't bore you with the details- just enjoy the beauty that is Piacenza.... i have a bowl from them i purchased awhile ago, that i bought at Plastica , but their latest collection has newer shapes-

Interestingly, Robex, is another italian company that makes very simliar looking products - in fact, fellow woodnut Enrique sent me a pic of a bowl that he has from Robex (he put pretty oranges in it), that looks identical to the Piacenza one i have (from Plastica)-

Regardless of which company you prefer, in our Its(k)notwood eyes, they are all good.
both of them have gorgeous products that are a must have for any home! you can purchase Piacenza here- and Robex here-